Once again this year, mxd are inviting several key international industry professionals to attend SPOT Festival. All of them will be joining us at the MXD Superball @ RADAR as part of the SPOT+ programme, but until the festival kicks off on May 4th, we will be bringing you brief introductions to them, including where they come from, what companies they work for, what bands they want to check out at Spot, and much more. We’re looking forward to seeing Inger Bråten of Killer Inc.

Name: Inger Bråten

Company: Killer Inc A/S

Title: CEO

Based in: Oslo, Norway

Can you tell us a bit about your company’s history and roster?
Started Killer Inc AS in january 2011 after working promo in majors. We started off when two norwegian bands Kvelertak and Oslo Ess and Killer took off. We work with all genres of music and festivals like Øyafestivalen, by:Larm and Skral.

– and a bit about the acts you personally work with at this moment?
We have a Nordic collaboration on the icon Mari Boine, and just started working with Simen Lyngroth, who is playing at SPOT this year and with Blood Command, who are playing at this year’s Roskilde.

When was the moment you decided you wanted to work with music?
I have worked with music since i was 6 years old as an accordion player 🙂 But realized that I couldn`t survive on that, so I quit playing accordion at the age of 18 and started to book concerts instead.

What are your favorite Danish acts, or alternatively, who are you looking forward to seeing at Spot Festival this year?
Favorite danish acts is everything from Bisse to Værket to Trentemøller to MØ to Livløs, who I saw when I was so lucky to be invited over by the good people at Metal Denmark, and I look forward to seeing them at Mono Goes Metal at this year’s SPOT.

Best live show of your life, hands down?
That changes after every Øyafestival! Have a lot of favorite artists, but one top moment for me personally was when I was on stage with Iron Maiden in Oslo Spektrum and sang together with the band and 10 contest winners for 9 000 people. And of course seeing PJ Harvey anywhere is always great.