French Europavox invites all the music business people present at SPOT Festival to a reception on Saturday afternoon 16:30 – 17:30 in the SPOT+ Area.

Europavox started as a festival in Clermont-Ferrand, France in 2006. Today it is, in part, a festival with no less than seven European stations – in addition to Clermont-Ferrand there are Brussels (BE), Bologna (IT), Athens (GR), Zagreb (HR), Vilnius (LT), and Vienna (AT), in part a site that presents a wide variety of European music by means of 28 writers from 25 countries (music curated by both journalists and people from the music business). On top of that Europavox also coaches European bands in preparation for export, etc.

Deputy Director, Katia Clot says, “SPOT Festival is the best place to present EUROPAVOX.COM to the whole Scandinavian Music Industry”.

Meet her and Artistic Director, François Audigier, and Chief Editor, Thomas Burgel at SPOT. Saturday at 4:30 PM, in the SPOT+ Area, Radisson Blu.